Sirui Australia Ambassadors | Meet The Team

Melissa Findley

Melissa’s extensive scope of work includes Travel, Adventure, Portraits, Landscape, Lifestyle and Charity. Working with brands such as The Intrepid Foundation, Canon Australia and a number of different tourism boards across the globe, Melissa has spent the past few years relentlessly chasing her dreams, wherever they take her.

Steph Vella

Portrait and Landscape photographer based in Sydney. Steph captures amazing landscapes from all over the world and has an amazing portfolio of work including the epic northern lights.

DK Photography

Portrait and Landscape photographers from the Gold Coast. Dale and Karlie make up DK Photography and specialise in landscape photography. Aside form taking amazing landscape images they also teach workshops all over the world including amazing destinations such as Iceland and Norway.

Jason Futrill

Jason also known as Tassiegrammer is a landscape photographer based in Tasmania. Jason has a huge body of work including amazing landscapes, teaching workshops and also hosting the ProjectRAWcast photography podcast.

Matt Horspool

Matt is a freelance photographer from Sydney and specialises in travel, landscape and portrait photography. Matt’s work includes various award winning pieces as well as works for some major brands worldwide.

Brett Wood

Brett is a landscape photograher based on the mid north coast of NSW. Brett takes amazing landscapes from all over the world including amazing destinations like New Zealand. Brett offers photo workshops and tours around Australia as well as overseas destinations.

Matty Hopkins

Matty is a landscape photographer based in Sydney. Matty is known for his awesome seascape images illustrating the epic flow of the ocean. Matty’s work also includes captures form his travels around the globe.