Cinema Lens

Cinema lenses are as they sound, Built for Cinema.

Cine lenses are built for filming movies or high-end videos.
Standard lenses are typically built for photography and may be adapted or used across both photography and videography.

Cine lenses have unique features which assist in the capture of video and help to create artistic elements to enhance video storytelling. Some of them are below. 

Long focus throws – This allows for precise control over the focus ring to ensure focus is nailed every time.
Focus gears – Many Cine lenses will have built-in focus gear. This allows the videographer or camera operator to use focus gear systems to control the focus automatically or via a control wheel.
Minimal focus breathing – Focus breathing occurs when a lens is focused from near to far or vice versa. The effective focal length will change slightly altering the field of view. In video, this can be very distracting. Cine lenses are built to minimise this effect as much as possible to ensure smooth focus transitions.
Large Image circles – Video formats come in many sizes, cine lenses with larger image circles give greater flexibility as they can be used across various formats without issue.
Hard focus stops – hard focus stops allow for repeatable focus pulls.
Click-less aperture – Smooth aperture rings allow for control of the aperture while filming.
T stops rather than F stops – T stops provide an accurate measure of the amount of light rather than the size of the opening. 

Sirui Cine lenses are designed to meet the needs of all videographers and cinematographers. The Cine Primes and Cine Zooms are both built with robust materials and feature an all-metal housing design and high-quality glass optics to render a sharp image across the aperture and focus range. With both ranges featuring multiple mounts and adapters, these lenses can be fitted to almost any modern DSLR, Mirrorless or Cinema Camera. They are ready to be integrated into any package with features including focus gears for use with follow focus and wireless focus motors, a long focus throw to improve manual focus accuracy and to allow for smooth focus throws, and both meter and feet markings for use internationally and many more.

The range includes: 

Sirui Full Frame Macro Cine Prime Lens Range – These fast cine primes are ready to use with almost all modern full-frame cameras with a 44mm image circle. They all share a fast T2 Aperture which allows for the lens to perform well in low light situations and will also provide a shallow depth of field to separate your subject from the background. Integrated follow focus gears, placed in the same position, along with a shared front diameter and thread size regardless of the focal length of the lens makes it possible to easily swap lenses without having to adjust the matte box or focus motors on your cinema rig.

All three of these lenses also share an amazing 24cm minimum focus distance measured from the sensor plane of the camera which allows users to fill the frame with their subject matter and create an ultra-shallow depth of field. They are sharp wide open and are up to the task of the most demanding 8k sensors. The lenses have minimal focus breathing considering the extremely wide focus range of 24cm – Infinity. Both native Canon EF and Arri PL mounts are available and the lenses can then be adapted onto most mirrorless camera mounts.

Sirui Full Frame Cinema Zoom Lens – This 28-85 T3.2 Cinema zoom lens is an extremely versatile lens that covers full-frame sensors with a 44mm image circle. The lens is designed to cover most shooting scenarios in one focal range which helps single operator crews to run and gun without needing to constantly change lenses. This is furthered by the par focal optical design which will maintain focus whilst zooming the lens. The lens has a metal construction and has built-in 0.8 pitch gears on the focus, zoom, and aperture. Its T3.2 aperture is wide enough to allow for subject separation and a pleasing depth of field whilst reducing weight and overall size. Focus breathing is minimal. Both native Canon EF and Arri PL mounts are available and the lenses can then be adapted onto most mirrorless camera mounts.

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