Professional Video Tripods | BCT | SH & VHD Series

Professional Video Tripods – The Sirui range of video tripods covers all cameras, from small camcorders to the largest broadcast cameras with large lenses and multiple accessories. The twin-tube leg design increases rigidity and stability for smooth operation. Oversized leg locks allow for easy height adjustment. All video tripods in this range come with a bowl mount for video heads, allowing for correct head leveling for flat pans and tilts.

Our Ranges Include:

The SH Series – Our Consumer range of video tripods is designed to fit with camcorders and DSLR video cameras perfectly. They come in 3 different sizes, SH-05, SH-15, and SH-25.
All three tripods are Aluminium 3-section tripods, with SH-05 and SH-15 having rounded rubber feet with retractable spikes.
The SH-25 has integrated spiked feet and removable footpads. In addition, all three have built-in mid-level spreaders. Included are bowl-mounted video heads, which allow the user to level the head separately from the legs, ensuring a level horizon for panning on uneven ground.

The VHD Series is a unique offering from SIRUI. This hybrid photo/video tripod provides the best of both worlds. The legs are similar to most of our photo tripods with a 4-section Aluminium design with a load capacity of 15kg. It features a split center column design for low-angle shooting and a removable Monopod leg for on-the-go situations. The kit also includes our VH-10 Video head. The magic comes in with our reverse ball head design, which combines the two items. It allows the head to be leveled independently of the legs without requiring a bowl mount. The head can also be rotated vertically for more shooting options.

The BCT Series – The broadcast series of tripods from Sirui is the production-ready range of tripods that will suit even the heaviest setups, including cinema cameras and broadcast cameras. The tripods come with a standard 75mm bowl mount to accept Sirui BCH heads and other video heads.
Integrated spike feet and removable rubber footpads provide traction on various surfaces. They come with mid-level and ground-level spreaders.

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