ET-SERIES | Easy Traveller

Convenient, lightweight and easy

  • Reverse folding legs  
  • Clip leg locks 
  • Rubber feet with twist out metal spikes

The ET series travel tripods are light weight and compact and with the inclusion of leg clip locks provide an easy and quick way to assemble and reassemble the tripod for shooting.


Rubber feet with twist out metal spikes ensure adequate traction and stability on a variety of terrains and the inclusion of two length centre column gives you the option of a lower or higher shooting level.


The ET series are available in carbon fibre or aluminium variants, utilising the highest quality materials. A long and short centre column is included to allow for high and low shooting positions.

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ModelMaterialSectionsWeight (kg)Max Load (kg)Min Height (mm)Height W/O Column Extended (mm)Max Height (mm)Folded Length (mm)Reverse Fold Length (mm)

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