Sirui 50mm f/1.8 1.33x Anamorphic lens for Canon RF mount

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  • Cinematic Widescreen Vision: Delivers a 2.4:1 aspect ratio for that expansive cinema feel, using a 1.33x anamorphic squeeze.
  • Designed for Canon RF Cameras: Tailored to leverage the 16×9 sensor crop for enhanced widescreen video production.
  • Anamorphic Optical Design: Features an optically distorting element to squeeze the horizontal axis by 1.33 times for more visual information and wider field of view.
  • Beautiful Flare and Bokeh: Produces iconic anamorphic flares and oval-shaped bokeh for a distinct cinematic quality.
  • Fast f/1.8 Aperture: Enables shooting in low light with a shallow depth of field, emphasizing the anamorphic look.
  • High-Quality Lens Construction: Composed of 11 elements in 8 groups for sharp, clear images across the frame.
  • Precise Manual Focus: With a focus rotation angle of 143.6 degrees, offering smooth and accurate focus control.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Measures 106.6mm in length and weighs 560g, making it ideal for handheld and gimbal use.
  • 67mm Filter Thread: Compatible with various filters to enhance creative possibilities and protect the lens.
  • Versatile 50mm Focal Length: Ideal for a range of shooting scenarios, from portraits to landscapes, in cinematic style.


Canon RF - APSC/S35
Canon RF Mount
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The Sirui 50mm f/1.8 1.33x Anamorphic Lens for Canon RF cameras is a cinematic marvel, meticulously designed to transform your video content into a wide-screen cinematic experience. By incorporating an anamorphic element, this lens not only enhances the visual appeal of your footage but also introduces a classic cinematic aesthetic that is hard to achieve with standard lenses.

Cinematic Widescreen Output: Utilizing a 1.33x anamorphic squeeze, the lens compresses the horizontal axis of your footage, enabling you to capture a broader perspective. When expanded in post-production or compatible in-camera settings, it yields a stunning 2.4:1 aspect ratio, akin to traditional theater movie experiences.

Optical Design Excellence: The optical structure of the lens consists of 11 elements in 8 groups, designed to maximize image quality and anamorphic character. The use of an anamorphic front element squeezes the image by 1.33 times, effectively fitting more information onto the sensor and then expanding it to achieve the wider field of view.

Captivating Visual Effects: Sirui’s 50mm anamorphic lens is particularly known for its ability to produce beautiful flares and an oval-shaped bokeh, enhancing the visual storytelling with its unique aesthetic. The coatings on the lens elements ensure that these effects enhance rather than detract from the image.

Low Light Performance and Depth: With a fast aperture of f/1.8, the lens is capable of creating a very shallow depth of field, which further emphasizes the oval-shaped bokeh effect found in classic anamorphic lenses. This feature is perfect for creating soft, out-of-focus backgrounds that make your subject stand out, especially in low-light conditions.

Technical Specifications:

  • Mount: Canon RF, making it compatible with a wide range of Canon RF cameras.
  • Focal Length: 50mm, offering a medium telephoto perspective that is ideal for portraits and close-ups.
  • Aperture: Fast f/1.8 maximum aperture to f/16, providing versatility in various lighting conditions.
  • Manual Focus: With a focus rotation angle of 143.6 degrees, the lens allows for precise manual focusing, essential for achieving sharp, detailed images.
  • Build and Durability: Weighing just 560g and measuring 106.6mm in length, the lens’s compact and lightweight design does not compromise on build quality, featuring a robust aluminum construction.
  • Filter Thread: 67mm, offering compatibility with various filters to further enhance your creative options.

The Sirui 50mm f/1.8 1.33x Anamorphic Lens for Canon RF is a testament to Sirui’s commitment to providing filmmakers and videographers with tools that inspire creativity and elevate the visual narrative. Whether you are shooting a short film, a music video, or any project that benefits from a cinematic look, this lens offers an accessible pathway to achieving breathtaking widescreen visuals that captivate and engage audiences.









0mm RF

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 cm
Lens Mount

Canon RF Mount

Lens Structure

11 Elements in 8 groups

Aperture blades


Minimum Focus Distance


Maximum Magnification

1:15.38 (V), 1:20.17 (H)

Rotation Angle of Focus Ring

143.6 degrees

Max Diameter






Canon RF - APSC/S35


Focal Length


Anamorphic Squeeze


Filter Thread




Focus Type




Lens Type


Sirui 50mm f/1.8 1.33x Anamorphic lens for Canon RF mount Anamorphic Lens | Sirui Australia | 2
Sirui 50mm f/1.8 1.33x Anamorphic lens for Canon RF mount
$819.00 inc. GST