Sirui Macro Full-frame Cine Prime Lens Set (PL mount)

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  • PL Mount Lens Set: Specially designed for PL mount cameras, ensuring compatibility across professional cinema camera systems.
  • Versatile Focal Lengths: Includes 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm lenses, offering a range of perspectives from wide-angle to standard, catering to various cinematic needs.
  • Full-Frame 44mm Image Circle: Guarantees expansive coverage suitable for full-frame sensors, capturing detailed and broad scenes without vignetting.
  • Macro Capability: Each lens boasts a 24cm close focus distance, allowing for intricate macro shots and detailed close-ups with stunning clarity.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, these lenses combine lightweight portability with the resilience needed for demanding film production environments.
  • Bright T2 Aperture: Fast T2 aperture across the set enhances low-light performance and depth of field control, enabling beautiful bokeh and cinematic ambiance in your footage.
  • Cinematic Quality: Designed to produce a film-like aesthetic, enriching your videos with a professional and cinematic feel through superior optics and craftsmanship.
  • Precision Focus Gears: Built-in focus gears on each lens facilitate smooth, accurate manual focus adjustments, compatible with follow-focus systems for seamless operation.
  • 92mm Filter Compatibility: A 92mm filter thread on each lens supports the use of various filters, allowing for creative effects and comprehensive image control.
  • Manual Focus Mechanism: Manual focus across the set offers filmmakers precise control over focusing, crucial for capturing sharp, impactful visuals in diverse shooting scenarios.


T2 Full-frame Macro Cine Lens (PL mount)
Full Frame
PL Mount
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Elevate your cinematic arsenal with the Sirui Macro Full-frame Cine Prime Lens Set, meticulously designed for filmmakers who demand versatility, precision, and unparalleled image quality. This comprehensive set includes three prime lenses - 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm - each tailored to deliver exceptional performance on full-frame cameras with PL mounts. Whether capturing expansive landscapes, intricate details, or compelling portraits, this lens set offers the creative flexibility to bring your cinematic vision to life.

Key Features Across the Set:

  • PL Mount Compatibility: Designed for seamless integration with full-frame cameras featuring the PL mount, ensuring broad compatibility and ease of use across various camera systems.
  • Full-Frame Coverage: Each lens in the set boasts a 44mm image circle, providing expansive coverage without vignetting, making them perfect for capturing high-resolution, cinematic footage.
  • Superb Macro Capability: With close focusing distances (24cm for the 24mm and 50mm, and a similarly impressive distance for the 35mm), these lenses excel in macro photography, allowing filmmakers to explore the intricacies of their subjects with stunning clarity and detail.
  • Fast T2 Aperture: The bright T2 aperture across all lenses ensures excellent performance in low-light conditions and offers creative control over the depth of field, enabling the production of beautiful bokeh and subject isolation.
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Construction: Built with durability in mind, each lens features a robust, lightweight aluminum body, designed to withstand the demands of professional film production environments.
  • Built-In Focus and Aperture Gears: Standardized gears on the focus and aperture rings facilitate smooth, precise adjustments, compatible with follow-focus systems and ensuring seamless operation during shooting.
  • Manual Focus Control: Manual focus across the set empowers filmmakers with exacting control over their images, essential for achieving sharp, impactful visuals.
  • Versatile Filter Compatibility: A 92mm filter thread on each lens supports the use of various filters, allowing for creative effects and enhanced image control.

Lens-Specific Highlights:

  • 24mm Lens: Ideal for establishing shots and expansive scenes, the 24mm lens offers a wide field of view with minimal distortion, perfect for landscape and architectural cinematography.
  • 35mm Lens: The 35mm lens strikes a balance between wide and portrait focal lengths, offering versatility for general shooting, environmental portraits, and street photography with a cinematic edge.
  • 50mm Lens: Known as the "standard" focal length, the 50mm lens provides a natural perspective close to human vision, excellent for interviews, close-ups, and narrative filmmaking.

Creative Freedom and Precision:

This prime lens set is designed not just for technical excellence but to inspire and facilitate creative expression. Whether shooting a feature film, a documentary, or a commercial project, the Sirui Macro Full-frame Cine Prime Lens Set offers the optical quality, creative flexibility, and durability that today's filmmakers require. Embrace the power to tell your stories with clarity, depth, and cinematic flair

















Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 30 cm
Lens Structure

24mm – 13 Elements in 11 groups
35mm – 14 Elements in 11 groups
50mm – 13 Elements in 10 groups

Aperture blades

24mm – 11
35mm – 11
50mm – 11

Minimum Focus Distance


Rotation Angle of Focus Ring

24mm – 202.4 degrees
35mm – 200 degrees
50mm – 220 degrees

Max Diameter



24mm – 103.7mm
35mm – 115.2mm
50mm – 109.3mm


24mm – 1247g
35mm – 1066g
50mm – 1154g

PL Mount


Focal Length

24mm, 35mm, 50mm

Filter Thread




Focus Type



Full Frame

Lens Type

Cinema, Spherical

T2 Full-frame Macro Cine Lens (PL mount)


Sirui Macro Full-frame Cine Prime Lens Set (PL mount) Cinema Lens | Sirui Australia | 2
Sirui Macro Full-frame Cine Prime Lens Set (PL mount)
$3,999.00 inc. GST