Sirui P-36 Monopod Adapter Kit

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  • Designed for Sirui Monopods: Specifically adapts to Sirui P-326 and P-306 monopods for enhanced stability.
  • Quick Release Base Connection: Features a small mounting bracket for easy attachment to the monopods, with a quick-release design for swift setup changes.
  • Dual-Purpose Base: The base can serve as a tabletop tripod or for low-angle shots, adding versatility to your photography toolkit.
  • High-Grade Aluminum Construction: Ensures durability and lightweight handling, ideal for professional use in various environments.
  • Retractable Spiked Foot: Offers extra stability on different terrains, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor shooting.
  • Three Leg Angle Selections: Provides flexibility with adjustable leg angles to accommodate various shooting scenarios.
  • Quick-Release Design: Simplifies the process of adjusting and securing the base, enabling efficient transitions and setups.
  • Compatibility: The adapter kit is compatible with Sirui P-326 and P-306 monopods (sold separately), enhancing their functionality and stability.



P-Series Monopods
P-36 Adapter

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Introducing the Sirui P-36 Monopod Adapter Kit, a versatile and innovative solution designed to enhance the functionality and stability of your Sirui P-326 and P-306 monopods. Whether you’re a professional photographer capturing fast-paced events or a videographer looking for smooth, stable shots, the P-36 Adapter Kit offers the perfect blend of portability and performance.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Stability: This adapter kit is engineered to augment the stability of the Sirui P-326 and P-306 monopods, transforming them into a more versatile shooting platform. With the added base, you can ensure your shots are steady and sharp, even in challenging environments.
  • Quick Release Base Connection: The kit features a small mounting bracket that securely attaches to the bottom section of your P-326 or P-306 monopod. The unique quick-release design of the base allows for swift attachment or detachment, facilitating easy transitions between setups.
  • Versatile Use: Beyond enhancing monopod stability, the base of the P-36 Kit doubles as a tabletop tripod or a low-angle tripod. This dual functionality makes it an invaluable tool for capturing a wide range of shots, from overhead table setups to dynamic low-angle perspectives.
  • High-Grade Aluminum Construction: Crafted from premium aluminum, the P-36 Adapter Kit is both lightweight and durable, designed to withstand the rigors of professional use while maintaining ease of transport.
  • Retractable Spiked Foot: For additional stability on varied terrains, the kit includes a retractable spiked foot. This feature ensures your monopod remains secure, whether on soft ground outdoors or on slippery surfaces indoors.
  • Three Leg Angle Selections: The base offers three selectable leg angles, providing flexibility to adjust your setup according to the shooting requirements. This adaptability is crucial for achieving optimal positioning and stability in diverse shooting scenarios.
  • Quick-Release Design: The quick-release mechanism is not only for attaching the base to the monopod but also simplifies the process of adjusting and securing the legs of the base. This design ensures that you can quickly adapt to the demands of your shooting environment without missing a beat.


  • Specifically designed for the Sirui P-326 and P-306 monopods, the P-36 Adapter Kit seamlessly integrates with these models to expand their functionality. Note that the P-306 and P-326 Monopods are sold separately.

The Sirui P-36 Monopod Adapter Kit represents a significant leap forward in monopod accessory design, offering photographers and videographers a compact, versatile, and sturdy solution to enhance their shooting capabilities. Whether you’re capturing stills or video, indoors or outdoors, the P-36 Adapter Kit is an essential addition to your gear, ensuring that you always get the perfect shot.

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P-Series Monopods

P-36 Adapter

Sirui P-36 Monopod Adapter Kit Monopods | Sirui Australia | 2
Sirui P-36 Monopod Adapter Kit
Original price was: $239.00.Current price is: $191.20. inc. GST