Sirui TY-C10 Quick Release Plate

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  • Arca-Type Compatible: Designed to fit seamlessly with Arca-Swiss system, ensuring broad compatibility with Sirui tripod heads and other Arca-Swiss compatible equipment.
  • Forged Aluminum Alloy: Crafted from durable forged aluminum alloy for strength and longevity, making it reliable for extensive use in various shooting conditions.
  • Slide-Stopping Rubber Mats: Features rubberized surfaces to prevent the camera from accidental slipping, ensuring equipment safety and stability.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Equipped with three slots for optimal camera positioning, allowing you to center your camera for balanced shots.
  • Easy Tightening Mechanism: Includes a 1/4″ screw that can be tightened using a coin or the supplied Allen key, offering convenience and ease of use.
  • Universal Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of cameras, offering flexibility for photographers with various equipment needs.

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The Sirui TY-C10 Quick Release Plate exemplifies precision engineering and thoughtful design, tailored for photographers who demand both reliability and compatibility in their camera support systems. This high-quality plate is an essential accessory for seamless transitions between shots and secure camera mounting.

Arca-Type Compatibility:

  • Universal System: Designed to fit seamlessly with the Arca-Swiss system, the TY-C10 ensures broad compatibility with a wide range of tripod heads, including most Sirui models, making it a versatile choice for photographers with diverse equipment.

Robust Material and Construction:

  • Forged Aluminum Alloy: Constructed from a single piece of forged aluminum alloy, the TY-C10 quick release plate offers unmatched strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight profile, essential for minimizing the overall weight of your gear.

Enhanced Security Features:

  • Slide-Stopping Rubber Mats: Equipped with rubberized surfaces, the TY-C10 plate significantly reduces the risk of accidental slipping, ensuring that your camera stays securely attached to your tripod head during use.

Versatile Mounting Options:

  • Multiple Slots for Central Mounting: Featuring three slots, this quick release plate allows for precise camera positioning, ensuring that your equipment is perfectly balanced and centered on the tripod head for optimal stability.
  • Easy Tightening Mechanism: The 1/4" standard thread screw is designed for convenience, allowing for tightening with a coin or the supplied Allen key, providing flexibility for adjustments on the go.

The Sirui TY-C10 Quick Release Plate is not just a mounting accessory; it is a testament to Sirui's commitment to quality, functionality, and photographer-centric innovation. Whether you're shooting in the studio or venturing into rugged outdoor landscapes, the TY-C10 provides the stability, compatibility, and ease of use necessary to capture those perfect shots. Its durable construction, anti-slip features, and compatibility with the Arca-Swiss system make it an indispensable part of any photographer's toolkit, ensuring that your camera is always ready for action, securely mounted, and perfectly positioned.

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Sirui TY-C10 Quick Release Plate Quick Release Plates | Sirui Australia | 2
Sirui TY-C10 Quick Release Plate
$30.00 inc. GST