Sirui Ultra Slim S-Pro Nano MC Circular Polarising Brass Filter 67mm

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  • Reduces reflections from water and reflective surfaces
  • Deeper colours and increased image saturation
  • Protects the lens from outside influences
  • High quality B270 Schott glass from Germany
  • 2.2mm glass thickness – 5mm visible Brass frame – ideal for wide angle lenses
  • Multicoated – 6 layers
  • Anti-reflection nano-coating – 12 layers
  • Material: Brass, glass
  • Filter thread: 67mm

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The Sirui Ultra Slim S-Pro Nano MC Circular Polarising Brass Filter 67mm Stops reflections and glare from water and glass surfaces.  By rotating the front of there CPL filter, the area of reflection or glare can be targeted and removed. The SIRUI Ultra Slim S-Pro Nano MC Circular Polarising Brass Filter increases the colour saturation of the image, meaning whiter clouds and a bluer sky, for example. The filter also reduces reflections from non-metallic surfaces water, glass). Thanks to its high quality, the SIRUI Polarising Brass Filter achieves a polarisation rate of nearly 100%.

The CPL glass is 2.2mm slim,  features B270 Schott glass is manufactured in Germany and a 12 nano-layer anti-reflection coating for better colour fidelity.  The 6-layer protective coating is anti-static, water- and oil-repellent as well as being highly resistant to scratches and dirt.  The high quality Brass ring is just 5mm thick (visible), meaning that there is no vignetting, even with angle lenses over 16mm focal length. The smooth-running thread ensures that the filter is securely mounted.

Lenses with 67mm filter thread

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B270 Schott glass, Brass


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