Sirui Wide-Angle Circular Polariser Filter V2

$39.00 inc. GST

  • For Sirui Wide-Angle Mobile Lens V2 and Sirui Anamorphic Mobile Lens
  • Schott B270 Plate Glass
  • Anti-Reflective & Protective Coating
  • Nearly 100% Polarisation
  • Aluminum Filter Ring
  • Neutral Colour Transmission

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Improve your smartphone photography with the Sirui Wide-Angle Circular Polariser Filter V2. This filter fits over the Sirui Wide-Angle Mobile Lens V2 and the Sirui Anamorphic Mobile lens and features multi-coated Schott B270 plate glass for nearly complete polarisation as well as an aluminium ring. It is designed to reduce reflections on non-metallic surfaces and enhance colour when shooting photos or videos.



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Sirui Wide Angle V2 Lens, Sirui Anamorphic mobile lens