The best Sirui video fluid heads to use for videography

The needs of a videographer while similar in many ways to a photographer are also different in the requirements of some specialised equipment to make their job easier. When shooting video one of the major requirements to assist in the improvement of image quality is to ensure limited vibrations and shaking which can have a negative impact on the quality and overall presentation of the video. When using a tripod to stabilise a video camera, smooth movements often need to be made when adjusting the positioning of the camera.

A true fluid head which has a hydraulic damping system will ensure near-friction free movement (depending on the individual settings used) to prevent any bumps or jerkiness when making adjustments to the camera position. Some things to consider are the ability to smoothly pan and tilt the camera, the ability to easily and quickly detach and attach a camera, and a counterbalance to assist in easier operation and motion of the head. Additions such as bubble levels will act as guides in keeping a camera level. The size of the head required will depend on the overall weight of your camera gear.

All of the tripod heads within the Sirui range come with a 6 year manufacturers warranty for peace of mind in ensuring the longevity of your investment. Below are our recommendations for the best video fluid heads for 2019 for the professional, enthusiast and budget conscious videographers.

Best Sirui video fluid head for the professional videographer – Sirui BCH-30 Video Head

The top of the line Sirui BCH-30 video head has everything the most demanding of professional videographers would need. Friction adjustments allow for nearly frictionless movement with 7 adjustable steps allowing for refined friction settings. Cameras up to 18kg in weight can be used with a 13 step adjustable counterbalance compensating for the weight. Dual telescopic panning handles make it easier to adjust larger cameras while the dual safety lock quick release platform ensures the camera is securely mounted. Separate pan and tilt-lock knobs make adjustments easy and streamlined and the aluminium alloy used in the manufacturing is great for durability while maintaining a low weight.

Sirui BCH-30
Sirui BCH-30

Best Sirui video fluid head for the enthusiast videographer – Sirui VH-10X Pro Fluid Video Head

Purchasing a high quality tripod head for videography doesn’t need to break the bank. Many videographers in both the professional and enthusiast markets are using DSLR and mirrorless cameras to produce extremely good quality video content. And the Sirui VH-10X Pro Fluid Head is perfectly matched to cameras and lens combinations up to 4kg in weight. It is very intuitive and easy to use with a 4 stage adjustable panning friction and fluid damping to make adjustments and vibration free. The Safety Lock System keeps your camera gear safely and securely mounted and the adjustment handle can be shortened or extended between 30 – 47cm while being mounted on either the right or left hand side of the head. Two spirit levels help as a guide to keep the video camera level.

Sirui VH-10X
Sirui VH-10X

Best Sirui video fluid head for the budget conscious videographer – Sirui VA-5 Ultra-compact Video Head

The Sirui VA-5 Ultra-compact Video Head is perfect for videographers using smaller DLSRs, mirrorless cameras or camcorders. With a weight of just 0.6kg this fluid head will support cameras up to 3kg with a counterbalancing weight of 1kg. The Arca Swiss plates means compatibility with one of the most commonly used mounting brackets. Tilt friction is continuously adjustable giving great flexibility and mobility throughout its entire range of movement. The 360° Panoramic rotation is lockable while the fluid provides soft, smooth movement to assist in producing vibration free video. The ultra compact VA-5 is the smallest fluid head on the Sirui range and is great for portability and for those that would need to travel with a fluid video head.

Sirui VA-5
Sirui VA-5

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