What is a photography humidity dry cabinet?

Photography gear such as camera bodies, lenses and drones can be extremely expensive to purchase and invest in. Photographers often use their gear in very harsh, humid and damp conditions. Certain parts of the world, including Australia have a high average relative humidity of up to 90%, especially along coastal regions. Electronics and moisture are generally not a good mix - and the sensitive internals of camera equipment are no different. Moisture, mould, fungus and potentially even corrosion can quickly accumulate in the internals of cameras and lenses, causing a loss in image quality and overall functionality of that expensive equipment.

Sirui manufacture a range of dry cabinets that are RCM approved for use in Australia in varying sizes from 2 shelves to 6 shelves specifically designed for storage and dehumidification of camera equipment. All of our Sirui dry cabinets are made from 1.2mm cold rolled steel with tempered glass doors and are air tight to prevent dust and moisture from entering the cabinet. The adjustable shelves are foam lined for added protection of your valuable items. Relative humidity settings are maintained for 24 hours after the power is switched off for energy saving. The easy to read LCD panels display relative humidity and temperature display in both C˚ and F˚ for easy monitoring of the internal conditions.

Sirui HC-50 Electronic Humidity Cabinet
The Sirui HC-50 Electronic Humidity Cabinet has a 50L capacity and comes with one adjustable shelf for storage of your valuable photography and other electronic equipment.

Cabinet sizes vary from 556mm (Height) x 415mm (Width) x 360mm (Depth) for our smallest model Sirui HC-50 Electronic Humidity Control Cabinet - SIRUI Australia through to 820mm (Height) x 450mm (Width) x 380mm (Depth) for the larger model Sirui HC-110 Electronic Humidity Control Cabinet with varying sizes in between to suit different amounts of camera equipment. Camera lenses, camera bodies, drones, remote controls and all types of electronic equipment can benefit from being stored in the controlled environment our Sirui dry cabinets can offer.

How a photography dry cabinet works

Dry cabinets provide a controlled environment for relative humidity. Humidity controls allow you to take precise control of the conditions within the cabinet. If an increase or drop in either humidity is are detected, the electronics in the cabinet will switch on, varying the humidity settings and extracting any moisture in the air through the dehumidification process. Dehumidification is the process of removing moisture and water vapour and from the air, and in the case of a dry cabinet, from the photography equipment stored in it. A constant level of humidity can be maintained at a preset level, providing the controlled environment for the storage of your valuable photography gear.

Sirui HC-110 Electronic Humidity Cabinet
The Sirui HC-110 Electronic Humidity Cabinet has a 110L capacity and comes with 3 adjustable shelves, and is equipped to maintain conditions for up to 24 hours after the power is switched off.

Sirui dry cabinets need to be connected to a 240v power source, and will be in standby mode for low energy consumption until any variation in the internal conditions are detected. Any variations in the humidity within the cabinet will result in the cabinet extracting the moisture to achieve the preset relative humidity setting, and either cool or warm the internal air. The dehumidification process can continue for up to 24 hours after the cabinet has switched into power saving mode, as Sirui cabinets are not completely reliant on electricity for the dehumidification process.

By reducing the relative humidity and ensuring your camera equipment is stored at optimal conditions, you can prolong the life of your expensive gear by ensuring it is not exposed to excessive moisture in the air, and that any moisture or water vapour it is exposed to during use is removed while it is placed inside the cabinet. This can prevent the build up of excessive moisture which causes mould, fungus and corrosion to build up on the internal electronic circuitry and glass elements of camera lenses.

Advantages of using a Sirui dry cabinet for photography equipment

  • Prevents mould and fungus build up in your valuable photography gear
  • Prevent corrosion build up on metal surfaces and electronic contacts
  • Maintain a constant relative humidity which can extend the life of your electronic equipment
  • Air tight seals prevent dust from entering the cabinet entering your camera equipment
  • The interior is lined with foam to protect your equipment from knocks and damage when storing it
  • Sirui dry cabinets are energy efficient and the dehumidification process can continue for up to 24 hours after power saving mode is activated
  • Can be used to store other items like documents, money, books, jewellery and much more

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