A-SERIES | Travel

Compact, lightweight and versitile

  • Compact design 
  • Integrated monopod 
  • Telescopic center column

The Sirui A Series offers a stable, lightweight and portable tripod perfect for the traveller

A Series tripods offer a compact and lightweight design which is ideal for travellers. The tripod is feature packed with a lightweight carbon or Aluminium variant which both include removable monopods for multifunction use. 

The tripods feature extendable and reversible centre column for low and high shooting angles. The A-1205 features lightweight carbon fibre and magnesium leg sockets which make the tripod ultra lightweight and extremely stable. The A-1005 is an aluminium construction which is stable and versatile. The A – Series tripods feature reversible folding legs so the tripod can be folded to a very compact size, which is great for travel. 

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A-SERIES | The Specifications

ModelMaterialSectionsWeight (kg)Max Load (kg)Min Height (mm)Height W/O Column Extended (mm)Max Height (mm)Folded Length (mm)Reverse Fold Length (mm)
A-1005 +Y-11Aluminium51.21026010851400355490
A-1205 +Y-11Carbon50.91026010851400355490