C60R RGB LED Monolight

LED Monolight

360 Degree Full Colour

Ultimate colour options via quick and easy dials on the back of the C60R

9 Gel Presets

Never carry gels again. Simply select from 9 common presets for quick and easy colour

Highly Portable and Mobile

Included is a hand grip that doubles as the light stand mount. This allows for use via hand-holding. Batteries can be used as an alternative to mains power, turning the light into a portable option that can be used anywhere. Soft and even light is produced from the high-quality LED array.

Fast Mount Battery Tray

The dual battery tray is quickly and easily mounted to the top of the light to add power on the go.

Dual Power Options

Get mobile via the use of the dual battery tray or plug the C60R into the mains power for studio work.

Ultra Silent

20dB fan noise is virtually noise free and wont disrupt video sound.

Hand Grip

The included dual-purpose handgrip can be used for handheld lighting or easily attached to a light stand.

Daylight | Bi-Colour

C60R projects 2800K-6500K in CCT mode. High 96 CRI and 98 TLCI produces accurate colour rendition.

Bowens Mount

SIRUI LED Monolights are compatible with any Bowens mount accessories.

Bright and Soft

With the included 55-degree reflector, the output is a soft, even, and bright light.

16 Lighting Effects + APP Controlled

16 lighting effects can be used via the SIRUI APP. Lights can also be grouped and controlled simultaneously or separately.


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