W-Series Tripods

W Series Tripods

W-SERIES | Waterproof

Ideal for Landscape and Seascape photography

  • Water and Dust proof 
  • Integrated monopod 
  • Sectioned centre column

The Sirui W Series offers an array of features suited to landscape and seascape photographers. Whether you are shooting in knee deep water or a dry dusty desert the W Series has an option for you.

W Series tripods offer the ultimate durability from the elements. With the water and dust proof leg locks, the tripod will stand up in all conditions.  With the addition of a removable leg that converts into a monopod the W Series allows for different shooting options that can be achieved with ease and speed.

Included with the tripod are interchangeable metal spikes which can be used in replacement of the rubber feet. This ensures you have adequate traction and stability in a variety of terrains.  A centre column that can be split offers two height options to get a lower or higher shooting perspective.  With reverse folding legs and lightweight design the W Series is lightweight and ultra portable making it a great choice for the nomadic photographer.

W-SERIES | Discover the Series

W-SERIES | The Specifications

ModelMaterialSectionsWeight (kg)Max Load (kg)Min Height (mm)Height W/O Column Extended (mm)Max Height (mm)Folded Length (mm)Reverse Fold Length (mm)
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