Sirui tripod heads are available in a variety of options that have different functions. These types include Ball heads, Video fluid heads, 4 Way heads, Levelling bases, Tilt heads, and, Gimbal heads.

Sirui heads use high-grade materials including aircraft-grade aluminium and carbon fiber to provide best-in-class performance and durability. Sirui heads are backed by a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Which tripod head is right for me? 

Ballheads - 

Ballheads are a great option for photographers that require a tripod head that is very quick and easy to adjust and set before taking the shot. Ball heads are easy to level to get the camera aligned and also allow for panning via the base or clamp. Adjustments are made via easy-to-use knobs which release the ball or base to allow for quick levelling or panning before tightening the knobs to set the alignment. 

Photographers such as landscape, real estate, and studio photographers typically use ballheads. 

All ballheads in the Sirui range use Arca -Swiss compatible quick-release clamps and plates. 

Video Fluid heads - 

Fluid heads are great for videographers as they have a fluid resistance in the tilt function which allows for smooth operation and jolt-free footage. 

Fluid heads typically allow for pan and tilt movements and the resistance is dampened in the tilt function for more controlled movement. 

Sirui Video fluid heads use video-specific plates and are not compatible with Arca - Swiss plates. 

4 Way Heads - 

4-way heads provide great precision in levelling the camera. 4 axis of adjustability is controlled by handles and a panning knob and allows for very small and precise movements. 

4-way heads are another alternative to ball heads and are utilised in situations where the process may be slower and more accuracy is required. 

Levelling bases - 

Levelling bases as the name suggests allows for the camera to be levelled for a straight shot. 

Levelling bases are great when used in conjunction with a video fluid head as these heads cant be levelled. The bases can also be helpful when using panoramic heads which require the system to be accurately level before shooting panoramas. 

Tilt heads - 

Tilt heads are commonly paired with monopods and are used to mount large telephoto lenses when shooting sports or wildlife. Tilt heads offer a tilt range of motion to track objects up and down while a monopod can be easily pivoted to level or panned to track moving subjects. 

Sirui tilt heads use arca-compatible clamps and quick-release plates for easy mounting and removal of the camera or lens foot. 

Gimbal heads - 

Gimbal heads are designed for sports and wildlife photographers and handle large telephoto lenses. When properly balanced the lens and camera can be released by the photographer and balanced on the gimbal head. As the gimbal head takes the load of the large lens and camera the process of shooting is much easier and controlled. Gimbals offer a large and unrestricted range of motion so the photographer can easily track and follow moving subjects such as birds in flight. 

Sirui Gimbal heads use arca-compatible clamps and quick-release plates for easy mounting and removal of the camera or lens foot. 

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