Compact Travel Tripods | T-0 / A-Series & AM-Series

Compact Travel Tripods – designed with low weight and portability in mind, The T-0, AM, A, and Traveler series tripods are built for those who need the smallest yet capable kit. All tripods in this range come in a combo with a head. They allow photographers and videographers to support their equipment while keeping their bags as light as possible.
Constructed from Aluminium or carbon fiber, Sirui compact travel tripods are vital to support all different camera packages while remaining lightweight and portable.

Large load capacities are achieved using premium materials, engineered designs, and high-grade craftsmanship.

Compact and streamlined profiles ensure the tripods can be easily stowed for travel.

Sirui compact travel tripods are available in kits with a head that is Arca-type compatible. Sirui Arca compatible heads can be used with any arca plate or L-bracket. (Excluding the VA-5 video fluid head)

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