Sirui Camera Cage for Sony FX3/FX30

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  • Precision Engineered Fit: Custom-designed to snugly fit the contours of the Sony FX30/FX3, ensuring seamless access to all camera functions without compromising protection or usability.
  • Superior Material Construction: Crafted from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum, offering a perfect balance of durability and ease of handling for extended shooting sessions.
  • Versatile Top Handle: Features a detachable top handle, enhancing portability and providing additional mounting options for extended versatility in shooting setups.
  • Extensive Mounting Flexibility: Boasts a plethora of mounting points, including 1/4″-20 threaded holes, ARRI 3/8″-16 locating holes, and cold shoe mounts, for attaching a wide array of accessories like microphones, lights, and monitors.
  • Integrated Arca-Compatible Rail: Incorporates an Arca-standard bottom rail, facilitating quick and effortless mounting to tripods and sliders, enhancing setup speed and stability.
  • Dual Quick Release Plates: Comes equipped with two types of quick-release plates, enabling rapid transition between handheld, gimbal, and tripod modes, accommodating diverse shooting requirements.
  • Ergonomic Support: Includes a wrist strap to distribute the camera’s weight more evenly, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged shooting periods and improving overall stability.
  • Optimized for Sony FX30/FX3: Tailored specifically for the Sony FX30/FX3 cameras to ensure a perfect fit and maximum functionality.


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Elevate your filmmaking with the Sirui Camera Cage, meticulously engineered for the Sony FX3/FX30 cameras. This comprehensive cage system is crafted to augment handheld shooting experiences and streamline the attachment of various accessories, ensuring your setup remains versatile and functional without compromising on control or portability.

Enhanced Design for Sony FX3/FX30:

  • Precision Fit: Tailored specifically for the Sony FX3/FX30, the cage ensures unobstructed access to all camera controls while providing a secure fit, enhancing both functionality and protection.
  • Dual-Point Camera Attachment: Cameras are securely mounted within the cage at two points, bolstering stability. Included rubber pads protect against scratches and damage, preserving the integrity of your camera.
  • Sony XLR Top Handle Compatibility: Uniquely compatible with the original Sony XLR top handle, featuring an easily removable top NATO rail, this cage integrates seamlessly with your camera's existing components.

Versatile Mounting Options:

  • Abundant Mounting Points: Equipped with 1/4"-20 threaded holes, ARRI 3/8"-16 locating holes, cold shoe mounts, and NATO rails, the cage transforms your camera into a fully customizable shooting rig.
  • Quick Release Plates: Includes two types of quick-release plates, enabling swift transitions between handheld, tripod, and gimbal setups, thereby expanding your shooting capabilities.
  • Ergonomic Wrist Strap: Designed to alleviate hand pressure in both horizontal and vertical shooting orientations, the ergonomic wrist strap significantly enhances user stability and comfort.

Lightweight Yet Robust:

  • Ultra-light Construction: Weighing just 385g (with handle), the cage maintains the portability of your setup, even when fully equipped with accessories, ideal for on-the-go shooting.
  • Cable Clamp for HDMI Security: Features a dedicated cable clamp to securely hold HDMI cables, preventing accidental disconnections during critical shooting moments.

Integrated Tools for Convenience:

  • Magnetic Tool Storage: A flathead screwdriver and an M2 hex key are conveniently stored at the bottom of the cage, ensuring you always have the necessary tools at hand for quick adjustments.
  • Multi-functional Handle: The removable handle is equipped with three cold shoe mounts and an integrated Allen key, further enhancing the cage's functionality. Safety pins ensure the handle is securely locked to the cage.


  • Specifically designed for the Sony FX3 and Sony FX30 camera models, offering a seamless fit and enhanced functionality.

The Sirui Camera Cage for Sony FX3/FX30 represents the pinnacle of design and functionality, providing filmmakers with a reliable, versatile, and intuitive solution for enhancing their creative capabilities. Whether capturing dynamic action shots or crafting cinematic masterpieces, this cage system offers the stability, flexibility, and ease of use that today's videographers demand.

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165mm x 173.6mm x 140mm



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Sony FX3/FX30


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Full Camera Cage for Sony FX3/FX30

Tailor-Made Full Cage

This cage is specifically designed for the SONY FX3/FX30. It can be used as a full cage or a half cage to add a lot of mounting points

without getting in the way of the camera’s controls.

Compatible with the Original Top Handle

The removable top plate enables the use of the original SONY XLR top handle.

Full Protection

The aluminum construction makes the cage durable, sturdy and corrosion-resistant. Cameras are attached to the cage via 3 points for added stability. The rubber pads free the camera from scratches. 

Equip your camera with this robust cage for a longer life.

Ergonomic Wrist Strap

The ergonomic wrist strap takes a lot of pressure off your hand when shooting horizontally and vertically. It also prevents your camera from accidentally falling off.

150g/0.33lb Super Lightweight

The hollow design further reduces the weight of the cage, making it ideal for quick run-and-gun shooting.

Quick Switching

Two types of quick release plates are included for quick switching between handheld, tripod, and gimbal modes.

Multiple Mounting Options

A variety of accessories can be attached to the camera via 1/4-20" threaded holes, ARRI 3/8" -16 locating holes, cold shoe mounts, NATO rails, quick release plates, etc.

Attention to Detail

Top Handle

The top handle can be rotated freely for easy storage and is handy for low-angle shooting. The handle features 2 cold shoe mounts, 2 safety pins and a hex key.

What's In The Box

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Sirui Camera Cage for Sony FX3/FX30
$169.00 inc. GST