Sirui DK18 Carbon Fiber Air Cushioned Lightstand

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  • Carbon Fiber Construction: Ultra-lightweight yet strong, capable of supporting up to 5kg of lighting equipment.
  • Air Cushioned: Features an air cushioning system for smooth and safe lowering of lights, minimizing risk of damage.
  • Flip Locks: Equipped with secure flip locks for quick and stable height adjustment.
  • Reverse Fold Design: Compact and travel-friendly, designed to fold in reverse for minimal packed size.
  • Quick and Easy Assembly: Designed for fast setup and breakdown, ideal for on-the-go photographers and videographers.
  • Maximum Height 1.8m: Offers extensive height adjustment up to 1.8 meters, allowing for versatile lighting setups.
  • Portable: Extremely lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for both studio and location shoots.
  • Compatible with Sirui LED Monolights: Ideal for mounting Sirui C-60, C60R, or C60B LED monolights, among others.


DK Carbon Fiber Air Cushioned Lightstands

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The Sirui DK18 Carbon Fiber Air Cushioned Lightstand represents the pinnacle of lightweight, durable, and user-friendly design in lighting support. Engineered specifically for professionals in photography and videography, this light stand combines the strength and portability of carbon fiber with advanced features such as air cushioning and flip locks. It is an ideal companion for Sirui's range of LED monolights like the C-60, C60R, or C60B, offering reliable support and versatile positioning for your lighting setups.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction:

  • High-Strength Material: Made from carbon fiber, the DK18 offers an exceptional balance of strength and lightness, ensuring it can support up to 5kgs of equipment while remaining easy to handle and transport.
  • Ultra-Lightweight and Portable: The carbon fiber build not only adds to the durability but also makes the DK18 one of the lightest stands available, ideal for photographers and videographers on the move.

Advanced Features for Professional Use:

  • Air Cushioning System: The air cushioning feature provides a smooth and secure lowering of your lighting equipment, preventing any sudden drops that could damage your gear.
  • Secure Flip Locks: Equipped with robust flip locks, the DK18 ensures stable and reliable extension of the stand sections, allowing you to adjust the height with confidence and ease.

Efficient Design for Maximum Versatility:

  • Reverse Fold Design: The DK18's reverse fold design minimizes its packed size, making it exceptionally compact and easy to pack alongside other gear.
  • Quick and Easy Assembly: Designed for the fast-paced environments of photography and videography, the DK18 can be quickly assembled and packed down, ensuring you're always ready to capture the perfect shot.
  • Maximum Height of 1.8m: With a maximum extension height of 1.8 meters, the DK18 provides ample range for adjusting the angle and height of your light source, enabling effective positioning to achieve the desired lighting effect.

Travel-Friendly for On-The-Go Creatives:

  • Compact Packed Size: The reverse fold design not only contributes to the stand's portability but also ensures it fits comfortably in most travel bags and cases, making it an excellent choice for location shoots.
  • Lightweight for Easy Transportation: The ultra-lightweight nature of the DK18, combined with its compact size, ensures that traveling with this light stand is hassle-free, whether you're moving between studio setups or shooting on location.

The Sirui DK18 Carbon Fiber Air Cushioned Lightstand is more than just a support for your lighting equipment; it's a testament to Sirui's commitment to quality, innovation, and the needs of professional photographers and videographers. Whether you're setting up for a studio shoot, working on location, or capturing dynamic scenes on the go, the DK18 provides the reliability, flexibility, and ease of use necessary to elevate your lighting setups and enhance your creative work.


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DK Carbon Fiber Air Cushioned Lightstands



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Sirui DK18 Carbon Fiber Air Cushioned Lightstand
$219.00 inc. GST