Sirui 150mm T2.9 1.6x Full-Frame Anamorphic Lens for Nikon Z Mount

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  • Cinematic Widescreen Vision: Offers a 2.8:1 aspect ratio with a 1.6x anamorphic squeeze, ideal for achieving that theatrical movie look.
  • Nikon Z Mount Compatibility: Specifically designed for full-frame Z mount cameras, maximizing the sensor’s capabilities.
  • Anamorphic Optical Design: Features an anamorphic front element that compresses the horizontal axis by 1.6x, capturing more detailed scenes.
  • Enhanced Visual Effects: Delivers striking horizontal flares and oval-shaped bokeh, characteristic of the anamorphic aesthetic.
  • Fast T2.9 Aperture: Provides a shallow depth of field, emphasizing subjects with a soft, cinematic background.
  • Macro-Like Close-Ups: With a short minimum focus distance, it enables detailed close-up shots, adding versatility to your filmmaking.
  • Built-In Focus Gears: Ensures smooth and precise focusing, compatible with follow-focus systems for professional filmmaking.
  • Lens Structure: 16 elements in 11 groups for sharp, high-quality images.
  • Aperture Blades: 16, creating a smooth and appealing bokeh effect.
  • Minimum Focus Distance: Offers unique macro capabilities with detailed close-ups.
  • Maximum Magnification: Allows for capturing small subjects with significant detail.
  • Focus Ring Rotation: 153 degrees for detailed manual focus control.
  • Physical Dimensions: 88mm max diameter, 180mm length, and a weight of 1390g, providing a solid yet manageable build.
  • Filter Thread: 82mm, supporting various filters for creative shooting.
  • Manual Focus: Offers filmmakers full creative control over focus adjustments for precise storytelling.
  • Ideal for Filmmakers and Videographers: Perfect for those looking to inject their projects with the unique depth, scale, and emotive power of cinema.


Nikon Z Full Frame

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Sirui 150mm T2.9 1.6x Full-Frame Anamorphic Lens for Nikon Z Mount Anamorphic Lens | Sirui Australia | 10
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Full Frame
Nikon Z Mount
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The Sirui 150mm T2.9 1.6x Full-Frame Anamorphic Lens for Nikon Z Mount emerges as a pinnacle of anamorphic lens design, meticulously crafted to transport the grandeur of cinematic visuals directly to your Z-mount full-frame camera. This lens is not merely an optical tool but a bridge to cinematic storytelling, enabling filmmakers and videographers to capture scenes with a depth, clarity, and emotional impact that resonates with the essence of cinema.

Cinematic Widescreen Aspect: By leveraging a 1.6x anamorphic squeeze, the Sirui 150mm lens masterfully expands the full-frame sensor's capabilities, delivering a sprawling 2.8:1 widescreen aspect ratio. This aspect ratio, often associated with epic cinema, invites audiences into a more engaging and immersive viewing experience, reminiscent of a movie theater.

Anamorphic Optical Design: At the heart of its design, the lens features an optically distorting anamorphic front element that compresses the horizontal axis of the image by 1.6 times. This compression allows the lens to capture a wider panorama onto the sensor, which, when stretched to its natural aspect ratio in post-production or directly in-camera, reveals a breathtakingly wide field of view that outmatches traditional aspherical lenses.

Artistic Flare and Bokeh: The Sirui 150mm T2.9 lens is engineered to produce stunning cinematic flares and a beautiful, distinctive oval-shaped bokeh, trademarks of anamorphic cinematography. The lens's coatings are meticulously applied to ensure that these flares enhance the visual narrative without overwhelming the scene, while the fast T2.9 aperture allows for a shallow depth of field, further accentuating the dreamy, cinematic bokeh effect.

Precision Focus Control: Designed with filmmakers in mind, the lens incorporates built-in focus gears that enable smooth and precise focusing adjustments. This feature is especially beneficial for follow-focus setups, ensuring that focus pulls are seamless and accurate, critical for maintaining the narrative's emotional intensity.

Technical Specifications:

  • Lens Mount: Nikon Z Mount, optimized for seamless integration with Z Mount full-frame cameras.
  • Lens Construction: Comprising 16 elements in 11 groups, this configuration is engineered for optimal image clarity and sharpness.
  • Aperture Blades: A remarkable count of 16 blades contributes to the lens's smooth and visually pleasing bokeh.
  • Minimum Focus Distance: Offers a versatile range from macro-like close-ups to broader scenes, enabling filmmakers to capture intricate details or expansive landscapes with equal finesse.
  • Maximum Magnification: Provides a magnification ratio that enhances the creative potential for detailed subject portrayal.
  • Focus Ring Rotation: An extensive 153-degree rotation angle allows for detailed focus adjustments, catering to the precise demands of cinematic production.
  • Physical Dimensions: Boasts a robust build with an 88mm maximum diameter and 180mm length, weighing in at 1390g, balancing durability with ergonomic handling.
  • Filter Thread: 82mm, accommodating a wide array of filters for creative effects and technical adjustments in diverse shooting conditions.
  • Aperture Range: T2.9 to T16, offering versatility across various lighting scenarios.

The Sirui 150mm T2.9 1.6x Anamorphic Lens for Nikon Z Mount stands as a testament to Sirui's commitment to quality and innovation in the realm of cinematic lenses. It empowers filmmakers to delve into the depths of their creativity, producing visuals that not only tell a story but also evoke the grandiosity and emotion of cinema. Whether crafting intimate portraits or expansive landscapes, this lens offers an unparalleled tool for cinematic expression.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 20 cm
Lens Mount

Nikon Z Mount

Lens Structure

16 Elements in 11 groups

Aperture blades


Minimum Focus Distance

150mm (H), 62.6mm (V)

Maximum Magnification

4.16 (H), 2.61 (V)

Rotation Angle of Focus Ring

153 degrees

Max Diameter







Full Frame

Focal Length


Anamorphic Squeeze


Filter Thread




Lens Type


Focus Type


Nikon Z Full Frame


Sirui 150mm T2.9 1.6x Full-Frame Anamorphic Lens for Nikon Z Mount Anamorphic Lens | Sirui Australia | 2
Sirui 150mm T2.9 1.6x Full-Frame Anamorphic Lens for Nikon Z Mount
$2,199.00 inc. GST