Sirui 75mm T2.8 Full-frame Macro Cine Lens (PL Mount)

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  • 8K Resolution Compatibility: Designed for ultra-high-definition filming, the Sirui 75mm T2.8 lens delivers outstanding clarity and detail, perfect for 8K video production.
  • Exceptional Macro Capability: Features a minimum focus distance of just 29cm, allowing for intimate close-up shots with exquisite detail and depth.
  • Full-Frame PL Mount: Optimized for PL mount full-frame cameras, this lens maximizes the sensor’s field of view and image quality, enhancing cinematic expression.
  • Precision Manual Focus: Boasts a smooth focus ring for precise manual focusing, critical for achieving sharp, accurate shots in filmmaking.
  • Cinema-Ready Design: Includes a de-clicked aperture ring for smooth iris adjustments and standard gearing on focus and aperture rings for compatibility with follow focus systems.
  • Beautiful Bokeh: The T2.8 aperture creates a shallow depth of field, producing cinematic bokeh that makes subjects stand out against a softly blurred background.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed with a sturdy metal body to meet the rigors of professional use, ensuring reliability and longevity on set.
  • Package Contents: Comes with the Sirui 75mm T2.8 Full-frame Macro Cine Lens (PL mount), front and rear lens caps, and a protective lens pouch for safe storage and transport.


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Sirui 75mm T2.8 Full-frame Macro Cine Lens (PL mount)

Elevate Your Cinematic Vision

Product Overview:

Unveil a harmonious blend of artistry and cutting-edge technology with the Sirui 75mm T2.8 Full-frame Macro Cine Lens. Tailored for the discerning filmmaker, this lens is meticulously crafted to fulfill the high standards of contemporary cinematography, all the while showcasing magnificent macro capabilities.

Key Features:

  1. 8K Resolution Ready: The Sirui 75mm T2.8 is designed for supreme ultra-high-definition precision, making it ideal for 8K filming. Every shot promises remarkable clarity and intricate detail.
  2. Macro Filming Redefined: Delve intimately into the microcosm with a short minimum focus distance of just 29cm. This lens is your portal to close-up shots, capturing every nuance with profound depth and brilliance.
  3. Full-frame Compatibility: Optimized for PL mount cameras, this lens extends full-frame coverage, ensuring filmmakers harness the complete field of view and optimum image quality from their sensors.
  4. Manual Focus Mastery: Revel in unmatched control with a supremely smooth focus ring, enabling precise manual focus tweaks. Essential for those shots where pin-point focus accuracy is paramount.
  5. Cine-Optimized: Understanding the specialized demands of filmmakers, the Sirui 75mm T2.8 lens features a de-clicked aperture ring for seamless iris adjustments and has industry-standard gearing on both focus and aperture rings, ensuring adaptability with follow focus rigs.
  6. Mesmerizing Bokeh: With its T2.8 aperture, immerse in a shallow depth of field, crafting cinematic, ethereal bokeh, making your subjects distinct against a gorgeously blurred backdrop.
  7. Sturdy Build: Engineered to withstand the demands of professional film shoots, the Sirui 75mm T2.8 is constructed from resilient metal, assuring durability and dependability, even in the most challenging filming conditions.

In the Box:

  • Sirui 75mm T2.8 Full-frame Macro Cine Lens (PL mount)
  • Front and Rear Lens Caps
  • Protective Lens Pouch

Whether an established filmmaker aiming to enrich your filmic toolbox or an ardent hobbyist stepping into the realm of professional videography, the Sirui 75mm T2.8 Full-frame Macro Cine Lens stands as a multifaceted ally. Delve into the macro universe and elevate your narrative prowess with this exemplary cine lens.


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Lens Structure

12 Elements in 9 Groups

Aperture blades


Minimum Focus Distance


Rotation Angle of Focus Ring

200 degrees

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Full Frame

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PL Mount


Sirui 75mm T2.8 Full-frame Macro Cine Lens (PL Mount) Cinema Lens | Sirui Australia | 2
Sirui 75mm T2.8 Full-frame Macro Cine Lens (PL Mount)
$2,099.00 inc. GST