Sirui B25R Bendable RGB LED Light

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  • Bendable Design: Flexible construction allows unique lighting angles and the ability to light subjects from multiple directions.
  • Expandable Configuration: Features an end connector for attaching a second light, doubling the size and enhancing lighting coverage.
  • Variable Colour Temperature: Offers a wide range from 2700K to 8500K, enabling perfect ambient light matching or creative lighting effects.
  • Full RGB Spectrum: Includes Full RGB mode with 16 dynamic lighting effects, offering endless possibilities for creative lighting.
  • High Colour Accuracy: Boasts a TLCI of 98 and a CRI of 96, ensuring vivid, accurate color representation in all your visuals.
  • Easy Control Options: Comes with an intuitive control panel and full app control for easy adjustments and settings management.
  • Dual Power Options: Can be powered through a wall plug for continuous operation or via NP-F970 batteries for portability.
  • Versatile Mounting: Includes multiple mounting posts for easy attachment to light stands or tripods, ensuring stable and flexible positioning.
  • Connectable Design: Allows for easy linking with additional units, expanding your lighting setup for comprehensive coverage.


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Introducing the Sirui B25R Bendable RGB LED Light, a revolutionary lighting solution designed for creative professionals seeking unparalleled flexibility and precision in their lighting setups. This innovative LED light stands out with its bendable design, allowing for unique lighting angles and configurations that traditional lights cannot achieve.

Unmatched Flexibility and Creativity:

  • Bendable Design: The B25R's flexible construction enables you to contour the light around subjects, scenery, or equipment, offering the ability to light scenes from multiple angles and dimensions for truly dynamic results.
  • Expandable Configuration: With an end connector designed for seamless attachment of a second light, the B25R can quickly double in size, providing broader coverage and increased versatility in lighting design.

Superior Lighting Quality:

  • Variable Color Temperature: Offering a wide color temperature range from 2700K to 8500K, the B25R ensures perfect adaptation to ambient lighting conditions or creative lighting needs, from warm tones to cool hues.
  • Full RGB Spectrum Mode: Dive into the full spectrum of RGB colors, unlocking endless possibilities for mood, atmosphere, and effect lighting with 16 distinct lighting effects tailored for every scenario and creative vision.
  • Exceptional Color Accuracy: With a TLCI of 98 and a CRI of 96, the B25R guarantees accurate color representation, ensuring that your visuals are vivid, lifelike, and consistent across various shooting conditions.

Convenient Control and Operation:

  • Intuitive Control Panel: Easily cycle through modes or adjust settings using the onboard control panel, designed for quick and straightforward operation.
  • Comprehensive App Control: Enhance your lighting setup with full app control, enabling precise adjustments and settings from your smartphone or tablet for maximum convenience and efficiency.
  • Dual Power Options: Equipped with dual power capabilities, the B25R can be powered continuously via a wall plug or on-the-go using NP-F970 batteries, ensuring reliable lighting wherever your shoot may take you.

Versatile Mounting and Setup:

  • Multiple Mounting Points: The package includes multiple mounting posts, allowing for easy attachment to light stands or tripods, providing stability and flexibility in positioning the light according to your needs.
  • Connectable Design: Featuring an end connecting port, the B25R can be effortlessly linked with additional units, expanding your lighting setup for larger scale projects or intricate lighting schemes.

Package Contents for Immediate Use:

  • The Sirui B25R package comes complete with the bendable RGB LED light itself, a power adapter for reliable power supply, a carry bag for secure transport and storage, a manual for easy setup and use, and a warranty card for peace of mind.

The Sirui B25R Bendable RGB LED Light redefines the boundaries of creative lighting, offering photographers, videographers, and content creators a versatile, high-quality, and innovative lighting tool. Whether for product photography, portraits, interviews, video production, or any creative project, the B25R's bendable design, superior light quality, and comprehensive control options set a new standard in professional lighting solutions.









B25R Instruction Manual

Additional information





Power Adapter



Max 25W

Colour Temperature Range

2700k – 8500k

RGB Colour Gamut


Lighting Effects



2000LUX @ 0.5m

Illumination Distance






Brightness Range

0% – 100%

Operating Temperature


Control Method

Smartphone app/2.4g wireless/

Control Distance



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Sirui B25R Bendable RGB LED Light
$239.00 inc. GST