Waterproof Tripods | W-Series | ST-Series

Waterproof Tripods – The W and ST series tripods are the perfect option when shooting seascapes and landscapes in or near the water. These tripods have waterproof leg locks that keep water, dirt, and sand out when in a locked position. Perfect for when you are knee-deep in water or on the sand, these tripods are great in all conditions.

Our Ranges Include:

The ST Series – The ST-124 is an excellent all-around tripod that fits the needs of all professional photographers. The ST-124 consists of 4 8x layer carbon fiber sections with improved leg locks. It is fully waterproof while the legs are in their locked position. The triangular center column helps reduce the size of the tripod in its collapsed state while performing the same tasks a regular round center column would. A newly designed ST-10X ball head is low profile. It fits this tripod perfectly with features including an all-aluminium knob design and panning at both the base and clamp.

The W Series – Sirui W Series is a series of aluminium and carbon fiber tripods that are waterproof when the leg locks are in their locked position. With large load capacities, the W Series of tripods suits almost any camera package and has excellent stability even at its max height due to the increased rigidity of the 10x layer carbon fiber. The legs can splay out and can be used only centimeters above the ground when using the short center column. The tripod can be reversely folded for more compact storage. Rubber feet can be swapped for metal spikes to provide traction on different surfaces.

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