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Sirui has a tripod with a feature set to suit no matter the situation.
Sirui tripods are manufactured from high-quality materials, including Aircraft grade Aluminium, Carbon fiber, and Magnesium alloy. 

Materials and craftsmanship are of the highest quality and are backed by a 6-year warranty. 

Our Ranges Include:

Compact Travel Tripods – designed with low weight and portability in mind, The T-0, AM, A, and Traveler series tripods are built for those who need the smallest yet capable kit. All tripods in this range come in a combo with a head. They allow photographers and videographers to support their equipment while keeping their bags as light as possible.

Waterproof Tripods – The W and ST series tripods are the perfect option when shooting seascapes and landscapes in or near the water. These tripods have waterproof leg locks that keep water, dirt, and sand out when in a locked position. Perfect for when you are knee-deep in water or on the sand, these tripods are great in all conditions.

Professional Tripods – The RX series tripods are designed for professional photographers. The RX range is built to the highest specifications with the best materials, including 10X carbon fiber for lightweight and stable support. Multiple head mounting options for each tripod are included or available separately, including a center column, 75mm or 100mm half bowl, and flat-mount. 

Professional Video Tripods – Sirui’s range of video tripods covers all cameras, from small camcorders to the largest broadcast cameras with large lenses and multiple accessories. The twin-tube leg design increases rigidity and stability for smooth operation. In addition, all video tripods in this range come with a bowl mount for video heads which allows for correct head leveling for flat pans and tilts.

Table Top Tripods – The 3-T series of tripods creates a perfect solution for people that need a compact tripod solution. Perfect for use on flat ground or tabletops. Tabletop tripods are ideal for travelers needing the smallest possible solution or vloggers needing to support a camera while filming.

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