Professional Tripods | RX-Series

Professional Tripods – The RX series tripods are designed for professional photographers. The RX range is built to the highest specifications with the best materials, including 10X carbon fiber for lightweight and stable support. Multiple head mounting options for each tripod are included or available separately, including a center column, 75mm or 100mm half bowl, and flat-mount.

The RX range is constructed from the highest grade 10X carbon fiber, ensuring the utmost stability with the lightest build. Lightweight and strong aircraft-grade aluminium is used in the joins, and leg locks to provide

Sirui RX tripods can change the mounting platform from a flat base to a center column to a half bowl by changing the center mount. This provides great versatility for all types of photography and videography.

The range provides large load capacities and tall maximum extensions, which is great for carrying larger professional camera setups and obtaining high shooting angles.

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