Sirui RX-75B Levelling Ball Set

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  • Designed for Precision: Offers the leveling advantages of a ball-based video head within the Sirui R-X tripod system, ensuring perfectly horizontal shots.
  • 75mm Leveling Ball: Features a robust 75mm leveling ball for smooth, precise adjustments, ideal for video pans, architectural photography, and landscapes.
  • Exclusive Compatibility: Tailored specifically for use with Sirui RX-Series tripods, enhancing their versatility and performance.
  • Easy Integration: Attaches seamlessly via the R-X bowl adapter (note: bowl adapter included with RX-Series Tripods), maintaining stability and reliability of the tripod system.
  • Quick Adjustments: Allows for effortless on-the-fly corrections to camera positioning, focusing on capturing the perfect shot without complicated setup adjustments.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials to withstand professional use, providing a solid and reliable foundation for your camera setup.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Despite its functionality, it maintains a lightweight profile, adding minimal bulk to your gear, perfect for on-location shoots and travel.
  • Essential Tool for Level Shots: Elevates the functionality of Sirui RX-Series tripods, making it an indispensable tool for achieving level and visually compelling compositions.


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Elevate your videography and photography setup with the Sirui RX-75B Leveling Base, a meticulously designed component that brings the leveling precision of a ball-based video head to the Sirui R-X tripod system. Tailored specifically for enthusiasts and professionals who demand precision and flexibility in their shooting setups, the RX-75B is an essential tool for achieving perfectly leveled shots, even in challenging environments.

Precision Leveling Made Simple:

The Sirui RX-75B Leveling Base is ingeniously designed to integrate with your Sirui R-X series tripods, transforming them into a versatile platform that supports a wide range of shooting styles and requirements. By incorporating the RX-75B into your setup, you gain the advantages of a ball-based leveling system, ensuring that your camera remains perfectly horizontal, regardless of the terrain.

Key Features:

  • 75mm Leveling Ball: The core of the RX-75B is its robust 75mm leveling ball, which provides smooth and precise adjustments to ensure your camera setup is perfectly aligned with the horizon. This feature is particularly beneficial for capturing video pans, architectural photography, and landscapes where a level base is crucial.
  • Easy Integration: Designed exclusively for compatibility with Sirui RX-Series tripods, the RX-75B seamlessly attaches to the tripod via the R-X bowl adapter (note: Included with RX-Series Tripods). This integration not only enhances the tripod's functionality but also maintains the system's stability and reliability.
  • Effortless Adjustments: Adjusting the leveling ball is straightforward and intuitive, allowing for quick on-the-fly corrections to your camera's position. This ease of use ensures that you can focus on capturing the perfect shot without being bogged down by complicated setup adjustments.
  • Sturdy Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the RX-75B Leveling Base is built to withstand the demands of professional use. Its durable construction guarantees long-term reliability, providing a solid foundation for your camera and tripod head.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Despite its robust functionality, the RX-75B maintains a compact and lightweight profile, ensuring it doesn't add unnecessary bulk to your gear. This portability makes it an ideal choice for photographers and videographers who work on location and need to travel light.

Please Note:

  • The RX-75B is specifically engineered for use with Sirui RX-Series tripods, offering a tailored fit and optimized performance for these models.
  • The 75mm bowl adapter required for attaching the leveling base to the tripod is not included with the RX-75B but comes with the RX-Series Tripods.

Elevate Your Photography:

Incorporating the Sirui RX-75B Leveling Base into your Sirui R-X series tripod setup not only expands its versatility but also enhances its performance, ensuring that you achieve professional-level precision in your shots. Whether you're capturing sweeping landscapes, detailed architectural studies, or dynamic video sequences, the RX-75B is your key to perfectly leveled and visually compelling results.

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Sirui RX-75B Levelling Ball Set
$129.00 inc. GST