What is a waterproof tripod? What benefits does it provide to a landscape photographer?

If you're a landscape photographer, you'll know that one of your biggest challenges is the weather. Landscape photographers chase perfect weather conditions and light to showcase spectacular scenery.

Photographers put themselves in all positions and conditions to capture the perfect angle and shot. 

Shooting in low light conditions, whether sunrise or sunset, demands a tripod since the shutter speeds will be longer. A stable tripod is an essential part of a landscape photographer's kit to ensure sharp images every time. 

Waterproof tripods are even more beneficial for landscape photographers who want to shoot in almost any condition and in and around water. They have unique features that provide added protection and durability in adverse conditions. 

What is a Tripod? And why do you need one?

A tripod is a three-legged support device used to stabilize an object. In photography, tripods are commonly used to support cameras, camcorders, or other optical devices during capturing images or videos. By ensuring the camera remains still, tripods help reduce blurriness and shaking, especially when shooting in low-light conditions or at slow shutter speeds.

Many types of tripods are available on the market, each designed for specific uses. For instance, some tripods are designed for DSLR cameras, while others are better suited for compact cameras or camcorders. Some tripods come with built-in heads (the part that connects the camera to the tripod), while others require a separate head to be attached.

When choosing a tripod, it's essential to consider the type of camera or other devices you'll be using and what kind of photography or videography you'll be doing. For example, if you plan on doing a lot of low-light shooting or long exposures, you'll want a sturdy and stable tripod. A lighter and more compact tripod might suffice if you're mostly shooting in daylight conditions or don't plan on using very long exposures.

Waterproof Tripod - A must for landscape and seascape photographers. 

A waterproof tripod is a specialized tripod designed for wet or harsh terrain. The functions are the same as a traditional tripod but include some specific waterproof features. 

Waterproof tripods are essential for landscape and seascape photographers who want to capture sharp, detailed images in challenging environments. They allow you to set up your camera on uneven ground, in the middle of a stream, or even in the surf.

The benefits of using a waterproof tripod are numerous:

  1. They provide a stable platform for your camera, ensuring that your shots are sharp and blur-free.
  2. They allow you to position your camera in difficult or dangerous locations that would otherwise be inaccessible.
  3. They have waterproof leg locks and sealed sections which enhance the durability of the tripod. 
  4. They are made to higher standards to prevent water, salt, and dirt ingress, which can damage the tripod over time. 
  5. They have multiple feet options for traction on different types of terrain.
  6. The materials used are of the highest quality.

Why are waterproof tripods most suitable for seascape and landscape photography?

Having sealed sections and waterproof sealed leg locks ensure water, salt, sand, dirt, etc., cannot ingress into the internals of the tripod. This ensures more durability over time. With this, photographers can have more confidence in placing their tripods in things like salt water, mud, or a river without having the issue of corrosion or particle ingress damaging the tripod. 

Adding multiple feet options ensures the perfect traction for soft or hard terrains. Typically landscape and seascape photographers are in and around water, sand, dirt, or on rocks. Having the option of spikes or rubber feet provides great tripod control, creating traction and stability in all terrains. 

Waterproof tripods are. Made to higher standards with the best quality materials. This is important as it provides better functionality over time, ensuring the tripod won't fail or break down at the most inopportune times. Landscape photographers travel long distances or hike to locations to get the shots. Having reliable equipment is paramount. 

Unlike cheap tripods, waterproof tripods are made for avid photographers that require great stability. These tripods won't flex or bend, ensuring sharp and clear images even when shooting long exposures. 

The SIRUI Waterproof Tripod Range 

ST-Series –

The ST-124 and ST-224 are excellent all-around tripods that fit the needs of all professional photographers. They consist of 4 8x layer carbon fiber sections with improved leg locks. It is fully waterproof while the legs are in their locked position. The triangular center column helps reduce the size of the tripod in its collapsed state while performing the same tasks a regular round center column would. A newly designed ST ball head is low profile. It fits this tripod perfectly with features including an all-aluminium knob design and panning at both the base and clamp.


The W Series – Sirui W Series is a series of aluminium and carbon fiber tripods that are waterproof when the leg locks are locked. With large load capacities, the W Series of tripods suits almost any camera package and has excellent stability even at its max height due to the increased rigidity of the 10x layer carbon fiber. The legs can splay out and can be used only centimeters above the ground when using the short center column. The tripod can be reverse folded for more compact storage. Rubber feet can be swapped for metal spikes to provide traction on different surfaces.

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